Here you can listen to some mp3 examples (128 kbit/s):

Produced 2017. A Bavarian Band stylistically settled somewhere between RAMMSTEIN and AC/DC with Bavarian Lyrics.
Produced by Thomas Burlefinger and Gino Braun.
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ freiBadstudio. Keyboards by T.B. as well.

Produced 2017. A very well-known singer in Germany that I had the honour to tour with.
I wrote this song for her and she sang it in one take.
Music, Lyrics, Keyboards, Recording, Mixing and Mastering done by me. Of course ;-).

Cry 4 Help (Acoustic Version)

von Bonfire | Cry 4 Help (E.P.)

Produced 2012. A famous Bavarian hard-rock-band with international success. Acoustic version of their PeTA contribution.
Hammond Organ played and recorded by Thomas Burlefinger.

Murder She Said / Lesson Learned / Fiesta

von 7 for 4 | Splash

Produced 2014. A tremendously talented guitar-oriented instrumental fusion band from Munich selling worldwide including Japan. I was lucky enough to contribute some keyboard passages that I condensed to a little medley here to show off a bit ;-).
Hammond Organ, Piano, some Synths played and recorded by Thomas Burlefinger.
Mixed by Hans-Martin Buff, mastered by Enrico Mercaldi

All My Loving

von Wally Warning | Love Can Save Us

Produced 1994. Caribbean style Pop Sound with Reggae and Jazz elements.
Recorded & mixed by Thomas Burlefinger @ Powerplay Studio. Keyboards by Thomas Burlefinger. Mastered by Berthold Weindorf


von Ecco Di Lorenzo Jazz Quartett | Ecco Sings Nat King Cole

Produced 2002. A classical Jazz Trio plus a charismatic singer paying tribute to the legacy of Nat King Cole. Recorded altogether.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ freiBadstudio.

Schickeria (Live)

von Thunderbirds feat. Günther Sigl | 25 Live

Produced 2008. A famous Bavarian band known from TV celebrating their 25th birthday joined by the leadsinger of the Spider Murphy Gang.
Recorded live on stage, mixed & mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ freiBadstudio.

Die See ist meine Heimat

von Die Toten Hosen | Tatort TV-Folge: "...und die Musi spielt dazu"

Produced 1994. A very famous German punk band contributing a song to the „Tatort“, a regular German whodunnit TV series.
Produced by Hanns Christian Müller who also directed the movie.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ Powerplay Studios.

Close To Pain

von Little Big | Bridge To The Fridge

Produced 1994. A local band from the outskirts of Munich with a sophisticated mixture of classical rock with saxophone and  mixed with a still 80s attitude ;-).
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ Powerplay Studios.

Produced 1998. A dazing tune with a bluesy attitude and improvised lyrics. One of the first recordings in the new freiBadstudio.
Recorded in one go including vocals. Recorded, mixed & mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ freiBadstudio.


von Burlefinger/McCarron/Lubera | Kansas Cover

Produced 2013. A transatlantic fun-project paying tribute to America’s best prog-rock-band ever, namely Kansas. Recorded in different studios in the U.S. and Germany.
Drums&Vocals: Mike McCarron; Guitars&Bass: Bill Lubera; Hammond, Piano, Moog and Clavinet: Thomas Burlefinger
Mixed & mastered by Thomas Burlefinger @ freiBadstudio.

Teatime With The Countess

von Thomas Burlefinger & Annette Hopfenmüller | Royal Sounds

Produced 2011 by Thomas Burlefinger & Annette Hopfenmüller. Classically oriented TV music composed by Thomas Burlefinger & Carlos Meitz, performed by T.B. entirely on Vienna Instruments Library.

Nature Boy

von Thomas Burlefinger & Anouschka Doinet | Lost Highway Show

Produced 2005 by Thomas Burlefinger & Mike Baran.
Music for the live musical play „Lost Highway Show“ as adapted from David Lynch, directed by Mike Baran.
Composed by Eden Ahbez.
Music performed entirely on keyboards by Thomas Burlefinger, inspired by David Bowie’s version.
Brilliantly sung by Anouschka Doinet, Munich.


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